A Brief Biography

As a Native Californian, Scott has always loved the artisans he found sprawled amongst the redwoods and he has always loved his home in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Scott enlisted in the Navy shortly after high school and served with Naval Intelligence for several years as a support for Navy Special Forces and also with the Military Police. He served honorably and with distinction in Kuwait, Iraq, and Somalia. After 10 years in the Navy Scott received an honorable discharge and joined the Navy Reserve. However his civilian life was shortlived as he was soon recalled to active duty for another 2 years after the tragedy of 9/11. Scott has traveled the world and photographed Kings, Queens, Heads of States, Presidents and many wonders of the world.

He has seen life and death and many things in between during times of both peace and war. He has now turned to his photography and art to bring himself comfort from the nightmares of past experiences. As Scott says, “Birds don’t shoot back..”

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